Borja Menéndez

Sr. Operations Research Engineer

Fujitsu Technology Solutions


Hi! I’m a PhD in Operations Research fascinated about Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, with a focus on the design and development of algorithms. Metaheuristics passionate, I’ve also developed optimization engines applying Linear and Constraint Programming techniques.

Currently working with QUBO/Ising models to efficiently solve hard combinatorial optimization problems within a Quantum-inspired computer: Digital Annealer. Eager to keep learning and applying knowledge to solve challenging problems.


  • Operations Research
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing


  • PhD in Operations Research, 2017

    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

  • MSc in Telematic Systems and Computer Science, 2014

    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

  • BSc in Telecommunication Engineering + Computer Science, 2012

    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos



Sr. Operations Research Engineer

Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Feb 2019 – Present Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Spain

Designing and developing Ising/QUBO models that fits into Digital Annealer for solving hard combinatorial optimization problems.

Several clients around the world (Spain, Japan, Italy) within different industries (telco, financial services). Problems comprise ROI maximization, interference minimization in mobile networks or portfolio optimization.

I also co-founded the Fujitsu TECH Talks in Madrid, Spain, with the aim of sharing knowledge and encourage team work, covering several topics around AI.


Operations Research Sr. Consultant

TSD Consulting

Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 Madrid, Spain

Worked for a Spanish company in the electric sector for a predictive maintenance project, designing the future of the project with the development of a prototype and a Functional Design document.

Prototype developed with Python+Pandas for data filtering and validation and OPL for the mathematical model.


Operations Research Consultant

Decide Soluciones

May 2016 – Sep 2018 Madrid, Spain

Design and implementation of advanced algorithmic solutions within different industries (public transport, banking, and security).

Focused on assigning employees to tasks considering several constraints such as employees preferences, collective bargaining agreements, qualifications, time off sicks, holidays, etc.

Development in CPLEX/CP Optimizer for the mathematical models (Linear and Constraint Programming), mainly using C++ with the help of Python and Java.


Research Intern

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Jan 2014 – Apr 2016 Móstoles (Madrid), Spain

Research fields: heuristic and metaheuristic optimization, combinatorial problems and graph theory. Research stay at Université de Bretagne-Sud (Lorient, France).

Development of solutions for hard combinatorial optimization problems related to the retrievement of items in warehouses.

As a result of this work, a PhD in Operations Research was achieved and several articles were published: 3 papers in JCR journals, 2 papers in SJR journals, 6 international conferences and 6 national conferences.


Research Student Scolarships

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Jan 2012 – Dec 2013 Fuenlabrada & Móstoles (Madrid), Spain
Two different scolarships at Robotics Group and Electronic Technology Department.